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The Kendra Group, Inc. DBA Bell Enterprise

Our company history, progress and future development

Bell Enterprise is one of the world's foremost suppliers of telecommunications equipment, known for our expansive inventory and exceptional product value. We stand above the crowded telecom resale market with our commitments to professionalism, efficiency, friendliness and honesty. Bell Enterprise boasts one of the most productive staffs in the telecom industry and is on the leading edge of telecom eCommerce technology.

Business Classification and Certifications
Bell Enterprise (The Kendra Group, Inc.) is a privately-held, Woman-Owned Enterprise (WBE). We are currently ISO9001 and TL9000 Certified and members of the QuEST Forum.

Bell Enterprise is located advantageously in sunny Southern California, a convenient location for supplying urgent nationwide business needs and a hub for transportation services and travel. Bell Enterprise has continually and progressively grown over each of its 26+ years of business despite industry slumps, demonstrating our consistent quality and reliable service. You will find our service to be friendly, personal and honest because we are committed to these qualities in our business practices.

Bell Enterprise is constantly working to increase the size and diversity of its Online Inventory which currently includes over 400,000 parts and 500 manufacturers. If you would like to sell to us, please see our Asset Recovery page.


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Bell Enterprise has very low turnover, so rarely do job positions become available. However, if you are interested in a career at Bell Enterprise or if you would like to submit a resume for consideration, please email Ed Campana at

ANAB Accredited
TL9000 Certified
WBE Certified

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