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Sell Your Reuse Equipment
To sell your telecom reuse equipment, please contact one of the following purchasing professionals who will be able to assist you:

  Darryl Scroggins
  Mark Thompson

We pay competitive market values for your telecom reuse equipment.

Please review the Asset Recovery Profile on this page if you are looking for telecom asset recovery services for your telecom scrap (non-reuse) equipment.
Bell Enterprise is a California-based telecommunications equipment supplier and telecom asset recovery company with over a decade of expertise in asset disposal and recycling services. Bell Enterprise regularly works with businesses nationwide and worldwide to provide them with capital recovery services.
Asset Recovery Profile
Asset Recovery
Experience: 15+ years
Cash Dividends: Yes
Deinstallation Services: Yes
Contact: Ed Campana

Why choose Bell Enterprise?
» Strong understanding of telecom assets
» Extensive expertise in asset disposition
» Fast, trustworthy and helpful
» Large-scale capacity for telecom assets
Whether you are looking for an ongoing outlet for your outdated or unusable equipment or you require a one-time reclamation of excess telecom materials, Bell Enterprise knows how to make the asset recovery process simple and profitable for you.

Asset recovery and surplus disposition requires significant knowledge of telecom materials and wide-ranging experience in handling surplus telecom. Bell Enterprise is extensively knowledgeable of telecom equipment and supplies, and its experience in recycling surplus telecom product is well-established.

Companies recognize the name Bell Enterprise as a trusted expert in handling telecom surplus, excess or scrap. When you call us, you are making the easy, convenient and smart choice for converting your surplus telecom assets into cash.

Telecom asset recovery and surplus disposal at Bell Enterprise is managed by Ed Campana. For more information, please call (909) 473-7206
or email
ANAB Accredited
TL9000 Certified
WBE Certified

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