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This website and its related pages (the "Website"), is owned and operated by The Kendra Group, Inc. dba Bell Enterprise ("Bell Enterprise"). You may not copy, distribute, modify, publicly display, publish, upload, reproduce or rewrite the content and materials (the "Materials") derived from this Website, whether in part or in whole, directly or indirectly in any medium. Bell Enterprise authorizes you to view and/or download the Materials on this Website for your personal, non-public, non-commercial use provided that you keep all copyright and other proprietary notices intact. You may not use the Materials on this Website for any public or commercial purposes. Any use of this Website for purposes other than explicitly allowed in this Agreement may violate copyright, trademark and/or other laws. If you violate any of the terms and/or conditions of this Agreement, your use of this Website is immediately terminated and you must destroy all downloaded, copied or printed Materials.
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The products listed on this site may contain or have loaded within them software for which the manufacturer owns the intellectual property rights ("Licensed Materials"). Bell Enterprise does not sell or provide any rights to the Licensed Materials. You must purchase a right to use these Licensed Materials directly from the manufacturer.
Bell Enterprise is not affiliated with, or endorsed in any way by, the manufacturer. Any trademarks or logos contained on this site are registered trademarks of the manufacturer and exist on this page and other pages on this site solely for identification purposes.
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Bell Enterprise sells some of its inventory directly through the Website. Any sales processed through the Website are subject to product availability. Bell Enterprise reserves the right to modify the price on any product without notice. Prices are subject to change until the final purchasing step when you authorize payment. Despite our thorough pricing efforts, we sometimes find items that are mispriced. If we discover a mispriced item after you have purchased it, we will contact you to, at our sole discretion, either correct the error before shipping or cancel the order and refund you the balance.
Bell Enterprise may change, modify, update, discontinue or terminate any aspect of this Website and/or Agreement at any time. If you breach any term or condition of this Agreement at any time, your use of this Website is immediately terminated and you must destroy all downloaded, copied or printed Materials. Your future use of the Website will be strictly prohibited and Bell Enterprise will hold you responsible for any loss or grievance as a result of your action.
Closing notes
We are nice people at Bell Enterprise. We really do not enjoy getting into the legal jargon and wish it were not necessary. However, there are those people among us who make life more difficult than it should be and so unfortunately the legal restrictions above are necessary. We would like to ask you to please not abuse the privilege of this Website. Our Website is full of services, products and features that we have enjoyed making available but we have spent a lot of time, money and resources developing them. We hope you can appreciate and respect Bell Enterprise by not breaching the Agreement above.

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